Avaya IP Office Phones

Avaya IP Office Phones:

The Avaya IP500v2 Control Unit is compatible with the following:

Avaya J Series IP Phones: Avaya J179, Avaya J169, Avaya J159, Avaya J139

 9600 Series IP Phones: Avaya 9608, Avaya 9608G, Avaya 9611, Avaya 9621, Avaya 9641, SBM24

Avaya 9500 Series Digital Phones: Avaya 9508, Avaya 9504, BM12

Avaya 1600 Series IP Phones: Avaya 1616, Avaya 1608, Avaya 1603, BM32

Avaya 1400 Series Digital Phones: Avaya 1416, Avaya 1408, Avaya 1403, DBM32

Avaya 6400 Series Digital Phones: Avaya 6424D+M, Avaya 6416D+M, Avaya 6408D, Avaya 6402D, Avaya 6402, XM24

Avaya 5400 Series Digital Phones: Avaya 5420, Avaya 5410, Avaya 5402

Avaya 2400 Series Digital Phones: Avaya 2420, Avaya 2410, Avaya 2402

Avaya 4600 Series IP Phones: Avaya 4625SW, Avaya 4622SW, Avaya 4621, Avaya 4620, Avaya 4610SW, Avaya 4610, EU24BL

Nortel T7000 Series Phones: Nortel 7316, Nortel 7316e, Nortel 7208, Nortel 7100, Nortel T7406, Nortel T7406e

Nortel M7000 Series Phones: Nortel M7324, Nortel M7310, Nortel M7208, Nortel M7100