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Avaya Definity Phone System


Avaya Definty phone systems offer complete communications solutions with scalability, reliability and security offering unlimited growth for medium and large companies. The Definity Business Communications System (BCS)  is the communications platform for entrepreneurial growth. It's the smart investment designed to help you boost productivity and beat out the competition while helping your business grow cost-effectively. Definity BCS also supports voice calls and messaging as well as data and video. Affordable and within reach to support your entrepreneurial vision.


Flexible Coverage, More Efficient Call Handling

Definity BCS call coverage provides a series of traffic flow paths to ensure that calls are routed and handled by proper, designated extensions, which helps to ensure that all your calls are handled by qualified, knowledgeable employees. Call Coverage redirects calls to alternate extensions when the original called party is not available. You determine the criteria for redirecting a call as well as the conditions for the coverage paths.

Providing the Information You Need

In addition to the advanced call flow management capabilities of Definity BCS, additional call distribution and measurement functionality is available with the optional Basic Call Management Software (BCMS) package. This package allows you to distribute incoming calls efficiently and equitably among available hunt group members. A hunt group is typically a designated group of individuals in a company or department that handle the same types of incoming phone calls. Definity BCS is administered to direct calls though members in the hunt group using various criteria you define-such as first idle agent and most idle member-ensuring that calls do not receive busy signals. It also helps ensure that calls are distributed evenly among group members and arrive at the right department.

Easy Streamlined Administration

Definity BCS administration software is so powerful and easy to use, many companies don't need a full time communications pro to manage system features or handle everyday tasks. The Definity administration software is designed to provide an easy to use interface for station moves, adds, and changes, plus the ability to administer trunks, least-cost routing and maintenance functions well. This interface includes access to help messages, and checks for validity of entries that are made.

More Control with an Automated Attendant

Definity BCS's built-in Automated Attendant provides your business with even greater flexibility for direct access calling. It allows callers to use a standard touch-tone telephone keypad to respond to a recorded menu of options and direct their own calls to the right person or department. The automated attendant provides the versatility your business needs and your customers demand for efficient call handling.

Choice of Feature Rich Telephones

Avaya offers a full line of digital phones that can be used with Definity BCS.  In addition to the 8400 series phones, the 6400 series phones are available. The 6400 Series was designed with input from customers around the world. The result is a sleek rounded look in a user friendly, cost competitive family of business telephones. In addition to the standard features you expect in digital two wire telephones, the 6400 phones include Whisper Page, Group Paging and Group Listing, as well as built in Speakerphones and LCD displays in most models. With set based user administration, each user can personalize the 6400 phones by programming soft keys to access the Definity features that meet the individuals needs. System Reliability Proven in thousands of installations, Definity Communications Systems deliver reliability you can count on.




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