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Avaya Merlin Magix Phone System 

Expandable to 80 lines and 200 extensions.

The Avaya Merlin Magix Integrated System is a public branch exchange (PBX) with a built-in ability to emulate a traditional key system. The system uses a single platform to deliver key communications capabilities, from basic voice to Internet access, making it highly cost-effective and easy to install, service, maintain, and grow.

Key Features:

  • Expansion to 80 lines and 200 extensions
  • Full compatibility with Merlin Legend MLX, Partner Enhanced ETR or Multiline MLS telephones
  • Caller ID for internal and external calls
  • Internet and voice terminal access with the optional Merlin Magix Integrated Network Access (ANI) card
  • PC based dialing and screen pops of customer files with Computer-Telephony Integration (CTI) interfaces
  • Monitor call handling with Merlin Magix Reporter software
  • Also compatible with the new Merlin 4400 telephones
  • Easy administration with WinSPM software (optional)
  • Integrated call center systems: Basic Customer Care and Enhanced Customer Care
  • Multi-site networking
  • Add line and station cards as needed

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