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Avaya Merlin Legend Phone System

Expandable to 80 lines and 200 extensions.

The Merlin Legend Communications System is an advanced digital switching system that integrates voice and data communications features. The system’s power and versatility is due in part to its many options and features. This flexible modular system is easy to install, maintain, use, and adapt. ISDN Basic Rate Interface (BRI)) trunks carry today's voice traffic at less cost -- and with greater reliability than ever before. As your business grows, the system can grow with it, expanding up to 80 telephone lines and 200 telephones to meet changing business needs. This system supports an array of information tools to help you handle calls more efficiently to boost employee productivity and caller satisfaction.


  • The Basic Control Unit utilizes the A3 power supply
  • Add up to 5 legend modules and networking for multiple sites
  • Remote call forwarding, centralized voice mail and built-in service observing capability
  • Customer Service Center with Prompt Out Based Overflow for greater control
    Compatibility with the 408 GS/LS/ID and 016 MLX expansion modules Flash Card, Windows SPM, and CD-ROM Manual included Older Releases also available


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