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Avaya Partner Phone System

Partner Advanced Communications System (ACS)

Partner Advanced Communications System (ACS) was developed to meet the small business needs for more powerful systems that are easy to use and upgrade.

In the past, the small business had to get a large phone system just to get the additional features that were provided with those larger systems; not anymore! The power and flexibility of the Partner ACS are enhanced by the ease with which customers can upgrade the system software as more features become available using optional state-of-the-art PCMCIA PC cards that slide into the main processor.

Partner ACS systems deliver reliable communications capability that you and your business will use long into the future. The Partner telephone system delivers the features you want and expect in a communications system. Use it with your choice of telephone sets made specifically for Partner communications systems and you'll have all the call controls you need. Partner ACS can also connect most business phones, modems, fax machines, credit card readers, and other communications equipment directly to the ACS, without any special adapters.

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