Nortel CS 1000 Communication Server


Server based full-featured IP PBX solution

The Nortel CS 1000 (Communication Server 1000) provides a server-based, full-featured IP PBX solution for businesses to take advantages of a converged network plus advanced applications and over 450 world-class telephony features. Nortel CS 1000 supports business-critical applications, including IVR, customer contact center, unified messaging, wireless VoIP and IP phones.

Nortel CS1000 Key Features:

  • IP PBX functionality delivered over IP LAN and WAN infrastructures without sacrificing features or high-value business communications applications
  • Supports 15,000 IP clients per call server
  • Supports business-critical applications
  • Many Call Servers networked with transparent IP networking
  • Supports up to 450 features
  • Built-in reliability based on VXWorks operating system and proven feature set with multiple resiliency mechanisms
  • Single Gatekeeper supports up to 15,000 IP users
  • Offers call processing and telephony features
  • Extensive desktop portfolio

Nortel CS1000 Benefits:

  • Built on proven, highly available VxWorks OS
  • Evergreen architecture from vendor with track record for investment protection
  • Broad desktop capabilities, including IP, digital and analog phone support
  • Flexible deployment options to meet needs for mobile and distributed workforce
  • Meets the needs of a various users and deployment environments
  • Distributed services across a general communication network improves efficiency
  • Exploits full flexibility of IP network


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